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The Assassin
Established Forever, Virtual Murder is an online creative agency with the focus on delivering your customer a memorable branded experience™.

Our team of professionals aim to create an entertaining, and innovative solution that engages your customer, achieves your goals and captures the essence of your brand. From concept through to execution each of our moves are meticulous and calculated, leaving no chance we miss our mark.

Relax, we have done this before, just make sure the cash is at the drop spot as planned.

Don't hasitate to contact us anytime through 'contact us' section or directly on email

Murder For Hire
Website Design
Our website design and development is cutting edge and guaranteed to have an impact on your business. We can deliver an innovative solution which allows your customers to interact with your brand and not only communicate your message but experience it anytime, anywhere. We design and develop websites in various static and dynamic technologies such as flash, xml, html, php, mysql, cms - content management system, ...

Graphic Design
Our approach to graphic design as with all visual-based interactions is to first and foremost understand your brand and proposition. We believe that then and only then can we effectively communicate your message, embody your identity and hit the desired target audience.

Online Advertising
Whether its campaign support or an online campaign in itself our strategically placed creative will generate traffic to your site, increase product / brand awareness and generate sales. Never to be out done, we constantly challenge ourselves to push the envelope to give you a competitive advantage and of course keep people talking about us.

Fashion & Illustration
We consider each and every fashion design or illustration we create as an original piece of art. Let us know your concept, inspire us, and the masterpiece is yours to keep. We can design a garment or a collection, and illustrate anything you need, in any style, from renderings to children's story books the list is endless.

Social Marketing Design
With the continual rise in popularity of sites like myspace, bebo, and facebook, it is sometimes as equally important to extend your brand with an appealing profile, whether business or pleasure in order to network with success This may very well be your customers first touchpoint with your brand and as such should be equally as impressive as your website.

Audio & Video Production
Enjoy our intro & videos ? Our music? Create a lasting impression using digital audio and video in your next project. Whether its a dynamic coporate communication, an instructional video or promotional material for your sales or marketing team, our skills cover the spectrum including: - compositing broadcast design - title design - editing voice-overs and music production - outputs to all forms for web, streaming, CD, DVD

Viral Marketing
Is a marketing technique using the benefits of your social network or client list, where you can send our creative solution (video / animation / game) generally via email, to customers or friends, who in turn send the message on to their friends and colleagues via email or by word-of-mouth spreading the reach of your communication like a virus. Usually the message must be funny, entertaining, or perhaps even a little naughty, in any case this is what we do best. This method is definitely great for brand awareness and/or promotional campaigns.

Rich Media (Multimedia)
Combining several media such as audio and video with interactivity and animation, text and graphics, you are truly able to bring your communication to life. The combination of some or all of these elements allows your customer to immerse themselves in your brand and to explore deeper in to your product or service offering. Whether the aim of your communication is to inform or to entertain, multimedia is the ultimate brand experience.

Strategic Consulting
Know your business needs to have an online presence but not sure what direction to take? Need advice on the next steps for your business in the online arena? Let us createyour strategy. After assesing your requirements we can create and execute the strategy ourselves, or can create the strategy and the work with/manage other agencies in order to execute it.

Content Management
Once we create a website ... people often ask us; How can we change the content? Update our news and events? How can we keep everything fresh and relevant for our customers? Well, the answer is simple, we can design a website with a user friendly backend accessible to your busines, so you can easily make these changes yourself and self publish your updated content. Alternatively, we can make these changes and manage your website for you, uploading only the content pre-approved by you, It's up to you.

Websites, Graphic Design, Online Advertising, Fashion & Illustration, Social Marketing Design, Audio & Video Production, Viral Marketing, Rich Media (Multimedia), Strategic Consulting, Content Management, more about each service you can read on

Contact Us
If you are interested in learning more about Virtual Murder and what it can do for your business, please don't hesitiate to drop us a line on or fill the form below and we will get back to you shortly about your project.

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